Friday, April 11, 2014

**** REVIEW ****


by S.E. Hall 

“You never have to be without me, Laney, never.” 

He lied…my everything I ever knew, trusted, wanted…I am, in fact, without him. 

On my own and out of my shell, I learn new things about life, friendship and…myself.

Like what you’ve always known may not be what you’ve always wanted. 

Dane Kendrick awakened things within me that I never knew existed, unraveling and uncovering the real Laney Jo Walker. 

I’m a NEW adult…so is my story. 



***** Review ******

Laney is an only child being raised by her dad after her mom leaves them both with no explanation. Laney is anti social and closed off to other people other than her 2 best friends Evan Allen and  Kaitlyn Michaels. But after not being excepted to the same college her 2 best friend were excepted to.  She finds herself having to step out of her comfort zone and be more social in order to fit in.                                  

Things finally change for her One night when her new very social roomate Bennette covinces her to go to a college meet and greet where she meets her new friend Zack and  some not so intresting guys.   Ready to retreat back to her room where she finds comfort she decides one more room and they're done. But as soon as the door is opened and she spots the guy behind it she is stunned her room mate more so than she is. That is until she walks in an see the other 2 guys Sawyer and Dane 2 more hot guys that make her extremely nervous and ready to retreat when Dane notices her and their eyes meet she feels the pull between them. Which makes her confused because she has never felt anything like  that for anyone except Evan. Things begin to get more complicated for her because never really socializing with anyone other than Kaitlyn and Evan she is begining to connect on a different level with Dane at the same time growing apart from Evan. As she is growing up and into her own she realizes she is more confident and outgoing. She becomes more of a woman realizing Evan will always be her best friend but she now has a love like she's never felt for Dane.

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